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You want your child to learn his alphabet, colors, numbers, shapes, etc. So your first inclination would go to the nearest bookstore or big box store and pick up a few of these handy workbooks or to go online and look for printable dittos for your child to fill out and write on. 

These things are perfectly fine to use from time to time, as a way to keep them busy and distracted, much like a coloring book. However, there are several different ways to help your child learn the things you want him to learn- and I promise they are way more fun than printables and workbooks!

It's your child's first day of preschool and you are a WRECK!!! 

Some children start preschool around three years old or four, but a lot of parents are opting to register their child in preschool a lot earlier than that at around two years old. Sometimes this is done out of necessity (preschool/daycare situation) and sometimes it is to give your child a head start in getting them to play nicely with others. 

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