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Around this time every year we get ants. There's no way around it, they just decide they are going to cohabitate (is that a word?) with us and stay for a few weeks. 

I hung a little cloth bag in the kitchen for the used/dirty unpaper towels last night. In the morning, the ants had discovered the bag and set up shop to take away whatever was on those pieces of flannel. Super FAIL. 

On the same night, my husband made a comment, "Wow, these paper towels are really thick!" At that moment, I hear the garbage can close. WHAT?!!! Did he just throw away my precious homemade UNpaper towel?! OMG he sooo did!

I yelled at him to take it out and put it in the bag with the rest of the dirty unpaper towels. (FIRST of all, even if it were a regular paper towel he SHOULD have placed it in the compost bin on the counter, not the garbage can!) What did he use them for anyway? Something on it got the attention of those pesky ants! Super FAIL #2!

I think our house just has to get the hang of using them. My mom will still buy regular paper towels, but I'm hoping that the cloth ones will significantly reduce the use of them. There are some instances when I know I will use the paper kind- when I'm handling raw meat, when I'm covering something in the microwave- is it safe to cover with cloth? I have no idea. 

Once we figure out a better system for containing the used pieces, I think things will go smoother! 

On another note... today I made two diaper pail liners. Check out how I made them here in the Cloth Diapering section!

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