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First post! Woot woot!

This is my latest diy project... well I hardly call it a project, I literally just cut up some fabric!

I've been wanting to buy some unpaper towels off etsy. I love the different colors and designs and how they all snap together so nicely.

But then I came back down to Earth and thought to myself, I am not going to spend all that money on something I'm going to clean my countertop with!

Though my unpaper towels are simple, I think they've done their job well so far. I do like that they are thin and white like regular paper towels, and they were literally sooo easy to make. 

Do you have any flannel laying around the house that you're not using anymore? I scored on a huge flannel flat sheet at ThriftTown for less than $3. Most of the fabric was used to make prefold diapers (see my first post in the Cloth Diapering section!) and the rest was used to make these. I simply cut them to about the size of a regular sheet of paper towel. I just eyeballed it really. And that was it! This particular flannel sheet is very thick and I figured I will leave it alone as it is for a while. I am sure once I run them through the wash a few more times I will eventually have to run the edges through my sewing machine, but all I would have to do is zigzag stitch around (just like I did my flannel baby wipes- watch for the post for that soon too!).

Once I cut the fabric, I rolled each one onto an empty cardboard roll and placed it in our paper towel holder... then I waited. LOL. We are a big household- my Mom, Dad, 24-year-old sister, husband, and two dogs. And I wanted to see people's reactions to the new addition to the kitchen. My Mom was the first to discover them. 

"What is this? How do you use it? Is it disposable?" She was a bit confused. I'm not quite sure how greening my home is going to go in this house, but I'm hoping slowly and surely, we can make small baby steps towards a more ecofriendly and economical lifestyle!

Want to make your own? There are a million tutorials out there on youtube and on other blogs. A lot of them have snaps. I don't have a snap press nor do I want to sew on a million "sewable" snaps to these sheets of fabric. You can if you'd like, but I try to keep it as simple as possible. 

Have you made your own unpaper towels? Or have you bought some? How do you like them? If you made them, how'd you do it? Comment below! 

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