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The youtube video above is a perfect example of two things: that something as simple as sunlight can change how a person lives, and that we, here in this developed country of ours, often take simple things like electricity and light for granted. 

I watched this video a while back, and its message has had a long lasting impact on me. I am now more aware and conscious of my own eco-footprint. How much energy am I using or essentially wasting each day- while there are people literally living in the dark even when it's bright and sunny outside?! 

So I often ask myself and challenge myself with these question- what can I do without? What are some ways that I can conserve energy/water in a purposeful and conscious way? Here are ten things I came up with:
  1. As simple as it may sound, I turn off the lights when I leave the room. 
  2. To keep the house cooler (there's been a heat wave these past few days), I turn the blinds down on the sunny (HOTTER) side of the house so the heat stays out. Then I open the windows on the cooler side of the house so that the cool air can come in. We don't have AC.
  3. I unplug the rice cooker when not in use. This can be done with all your appliances! If it's plugged in, it still sucks energy!
  4. I make sure the dishwasher is FULL before I run it. Or if there's just a few dishes, I just do it by hand. I'd still have to research this, but apparently some people say you save more water running a full load of dishes than handwashing a full load of dishes.
  5. I often wash my laundry using "Quick Cycle" using "Tap/Cold". I find that it cleans just as well as in warm on a regular cycle. 
  6. I hang dry my bedsheets and blankets. I also hang dry a lot of my clothes when it's nice out. (I used to live at a place where we had a washer but no dryer and did this out of necessity)
  7. I am trying to replace disposable stuff with reusable stuff. I think of it as a little act of rebellion- I'm like boycotting the practice of using up ridiculous amounts of energy and water (not to mention gasoline for transporting, and paper and plastic for packaging) to produce disposables. 
  8. I am a compost freak- this may not really save energy, but I would like to think some of it offsets all the garbage we do produce. 
  9. I put jars of water in my toilet tank- to displace water which allows the toilet to flush without using as much water.
  10. I use one lamp in my room. I don't need a lot of light in my room at night anyway. 

These might not be super enlightening way to conserve energy and water, but I would like to think that it's a start. As I continue on this journey of learning how to live a greener lifestyle, I will add more and more to this list. In the meantime, how have you reduced (or plan to reduce) your eco-footprint? What things motivate you to live greener? 

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