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Here are my DIY diaper pail liners! These took me less than an hour to make from start to finish. 

I don't have any PUL, so I made do with a thrifted mattress protector. I am not quite sure what type of material this is but if it helps to keep your mattress dry from spills or accidents, then I figure it should keep moisture in- and not in the pail, right? 

So how did I make it? 

First I took a regular tall kitchen bag and used that as a guide to see how big I should make it. I cut the fabric out accordingly and zigzag stitched the edges. 

Then I turned it right side out and sewed elastic to the outside opening. 

That's it. 

When I put it in the tall kitchen trash can that I'll be using as a diaper pail (which I don't have yet) I will fold it over the rim just like a regular PUL diaper pail liner works. Like this one here...
This is a PlanetWise diaper pail liner. Click on the photo to learn more about this product.
I bought this mattress cover at a thrift store for less than $4. I made two of these diaper pail liners. One can replace the other when it is in the wash. I also made four changing pads with the same fabric. So all in all, I made six products for $4! Compare that with how much liners costs- around $15 to $20 each? I just hope it works! *fingers crossed*

If not, I can always just use them as regular laundry bags! Whatever the case they will not be wasted!

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