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Wow! So I have been quite busy the last how many weeks and haven't had the chance to post anything! Since the last time I posted, I gave birth to my pride and joy Jordan Rylie T.! She arrived five weeks early and was very tiny. She did a short stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and went home ready to take on the world!

So how has cloth diapering worked for me so far? 

Although some parents like to start their babies off in cloth right from the start in the hospital, I decided to wait until the little one was home. The nurses have to weigh each diaper and record it, and I was not always able to be with her at all times, so it just made sense to wait. 

I realized quite quickly with my baby being so small and underweight that the osocozy flat diapers I had purchased were going to be WAY too bulky for her. Fortunately, at the baby shower I had just days before I had her, I received two dozen Gerber flat diapers! What a Godsend! Parents always talk negatively about Gerber diapers but they have worked WONDERFULLY for my very tiny baby. They are smaller than the osocozy flats and much thinner. They still absorb pretty well though. I've also been using the homemade flats that I cut up from flatsheets. Only, I had to cut them in half to make them fit properly. They also have been working wonderfully. Very absorbent and soft to the touch. 

I've been using the triangle fold, origami fold, and also padfolding them into the covers. These folds make it nearly unnecessary to use snappies! The covers keep them in place quite well.  

Oh the covers... the first week being home, I couldn't use any of the newborn covers I had. Not the Lil Joey's Rumparooz nor the Assunta Store tiny covers. So, I had to order PREEMIE diaper covers online. I ordered ProWraps from Cottonbabies.com. Free shipping woot woot! And they had a sale on Econobum covers too so I bought two of those also. Now that she is a month old, she is able to fit in all the newborn covers! yay!

All in all, I would say that I've gotten the hang of them. When my husband or parents change her diaper (which is uncommon) they will put her in a disposable. That's fine with me. Not a big deal, they were given to us, so I figure I can't waste them!

I've also been using cloth wipes and playing around with using just water or using a diaper solution- which for me is just water and a little baby shampoo. I started out putting warm water in a thermos since my faucet doesn't spew out warm water right away like it does in the kitchen. I did that for a few days but got tired of that real fast. Then I started using the solution and it worked pretty well. I may experiment with different recipes and see how they work. 

LAUNDRY! I wash every two to three days and have had no problems (although three days is really cutting it!) I have a trash can with a swinging lid that I just toss the dirty diapers in. I've l had to put a sign on it that says "cloth diaper laundry" so that people don't put trash in it LOL. Also, once I saw that they were washing out clean as a whistle I had no problem with putting my and Jordan's clothes in with it. I use Tide Original (powder) (no fabric softener). Since my diapers are flats, they don't get residual build up the way that prefolds and all the other types of cloth diapers get from using non-cloth-diaper-detergent. I am not trying to buy detergent that is JUST for cloth diapers. Where's the frugality in that? 

Once she gets bigger she will fit in the osocozy's better and they won't look so bulky on her. I'm not in a rush to use them as diapers though. They have been great to use as receiving blankets for swaddling and burp cloths! 

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