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So, after a few months of cloth diapering, I think I've got my system down. I have to admit something that I am not very proud of, but my baby uses disposables at night. I just couldn't find a way to keep her bottom dry enough throughout the night. We also use them when we go out. It just makes life a little easier. I have a lot of stuff to carry already, I don't want to have to bring an extra bag of diapers- I mean, isn't that essentially what the "diaper bag" is for? 

As far as diapering at home, it's been great...
I change her every few hours or so and I have not had any problems with leak or anything like that. My favorite diaper combination right now is an osocozy bleached prefold (bought them as factory seconds from clothdiaper.com for less than a $1 each!) with a kawaii cover. The kawaiis are roomy and are thin and keep messes in just like they are supposed to! My second favorites are my homemade flat diapers (cotton jersey) padfolded into a prorap cover. I scored on a bunch of proraps and no name covers at my second hand store! They ranged from 99cents to $2 each! I felt like I hit the jackpot! 

So lately I've been wanting to start my own "cloth diaper charity". I really don't know how I would go about doing it. The idea I have is unlike the ones that are already out there. All I know is that I am slowly and surely collecting soft absorbent fabrics like cotton flannel sheets. I also scored on a huge Modal sheet. I've never heard of it before, but I read that it is really absorbent and omg you have to feel this fabric, it is so soft and squishy!! I'm also grabbing EVERY usable cloth diaper cover and cloth diaper I see at my second hand store. We'll see where this leads me!

5/9/2014 03:21:27 am

Hi Rachelle,

I came across a post that you had made a little while ago

allourdays (dot) com/2011/01/start-cloth-diapering-at-home-for-only-20-no-sewing-required.html

When I clicked the link I remembered that I'd been here before and commented on your article about coconut oil (love the stuff!) :-) I didn't see a way to contact you with out posting a comment but after reading what you shared about how you've been able to affordably cloth diaper your daughter at least part time I wanted to let you know about a petition that I started on Change.org. It's along the lines of what that article was about and what you have been able to do:


I'm hoping you could take 2 1/2 minutes, watch the video, sign the petition and share it.

All the best on mommy hood!

Amy M.


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