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This right here, my friends, is my new obsession. Organic virgin coconut oil. I bought this jar for less than $8 and I use it for everything! 

Open up a new tab right now and do a quick google search for "coconut oil uses". Did it? Surprising, huh?! There's so much you can do with it!!

The youtube video above is a perfect example of two things: that something as simple as sunlight can change how a person lives, and that we, here in this developed country of ours, often take simple things like electricity and light for granted. 

I watched this video a while back, and its message has had a long lasting impact on me. I am now more aware and conscious of my own eco-footprint. How much energy am I using or essentially wasting each day- while there are people literally living in the dark even when it's bright and sunny outside?! 

So I often ask myself and challenge myself with these question- what can I do without? What are some ways that I can conserve energy/water in a purposeful and conscious way? Here are ten things I came up with:

Picturephoto from nickisdiapers.com
I love my Lifefactory glass water bottle. The one I picked was the 16oz flip cap in raspberry.

Why glass? My answer? Why not? Even though a lot of plastic out there is made without those harsh chemicals like BPA, I still like to go old school and go with glass. Glass has been used forever. And plastic, as safe as it is, can still leach chemicals into your water. 

On a very hot day, I might leave a reusable water bottle in the car. A locked car parked in the sun can reach oven high temperatures! I don't know how well that plastic bottle is holding up in there. Would a plastic bottle hold up in an oven? There has to be some kind of chemical process happening in there. Of course, someone can argue, just don't drink the water that's in it. True, but what about the integrity of the bottle now? Is it still as safe as it is supposed to be? 

When you have top quality plastic containers, even the high end kind, there still has to be some kind of leaching going on. If you put something greasy in it like spaghetti, it almost always stains and makes the inside of the container dull. This is something that normally happens, but it doesn't mean that it's safe. It just means the plastic basically melted- and where does it melt into? Your food! Yikes! 

So that's why I try to go for glass. Even though the initial cost of the bottle can be expensive, I think it pays for itself after filling it up a lot of times! Think bottled water is cleaner and safer? The tap water we drink has to go through many more rigorous tests than bottled water does. And that same tap water you are drinking is basically the same tap you are drinking in the disposable plastic ones you buy in bulk at the store. People say don't drink from those plastic bottles after it's been left in your car on a hot day. But who knows if that same water bottle was sitting in a hot truck on its way to the store? You may be drinking plastic-leached water and not even know it!

Slowly but surely, I am trying to replace the plastic containers in the house with glass ones. It's heavier, but they contain food better and hold up well in the microwave. They might be more expensive at times but they outlast the plastic ones and I don't mind paying a little more for the peace of mind. 

Here's an article on glass water bottles from the NYTimes

Here's an article on glass water bottles from one of my favorite sites on ReUseIt.com.


Around this time every year we get ants. There's no way around it, they just decide they are going to cohabitate (is that a word?) with us and stay for a few weeks. 

I hung a little cloth bag in the kitchen for the used/dirty unpaper towels last night. In the morning, the ants had discovered the bag and set up shop to take away whatever was on those pieces of flannel. Super FAIL. 

On the same night, my husband made a comment, "Wow, these paper towels are really thick!" At that moment, I hear the garbage can close. WHAT?!!! Did he just throw away my precious homemade UNpaper towel?! OMG he sooo did!

First post! Woot woot!

This is my latest diy project... well I hardly call it a project, I literally just cut up some fabric!

I've been wanting to buy some unpaper towels off etsy. I love the different colors and designs and how they all snap together so nicely.

But then I came back down to Earth and thought to myself, I am not going to spend all that money on something I'm going to clean my countertop with!

Though my unpaper towels are simple, I think they've done their job well so far. I do like that they are thin and white like regular paper towels, and they were literally sooo easy to make. 

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